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Written while attending UCLA Film School, Richard Del Connor, created this amazingly useful version of the Lao Tzu book that grew into the Daoist religion.

Tai Chi Youth presents Tai Chi Kids programsApplying his own perspectives and American concepts to this 2,500 year old book, Buddha Zhen created a version of the Dao Te Ching that he could benefit from.

After moving to Utah in 1991 and founding Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan, Buddha Z transformed the book into a student manual that was integrated into nine other Kung Fu and Tai Chi books.

Here's the original version, re-edited for the ebook formats. This is the PDF version designed for the larger 8.5 x 11" notebook paper with lines for students to write their answers to the hundreds of questions inside. (The smaller ebook versions lack the spaces and lines for completing the answers.)

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