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TCY_eNEWS - December 2015

Official Newsletter of Tai Chi Youth
nonprofit education organization, founded 1996
by Richard Del Connor, Buddha Zhen

0. -- Main Announcement from TAI CHI YOUTH --

Tai Chi Youth 20th Anniversary

Tai Chi Youth was officially founded when our corporation papers were stamped by the government on March 6, 1996. It took us five years of paperwork with the IRS to obtain our “IRS Final Ruling” in 2001.

Tai Chi Youth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization under a special “education” classification. Although we are allowed to charge tuitions, sell products, and charge membership fees, the government expects us to survive 50% or more on donations, grants, and charity.

So let’s really make 2016 count. Let’s have more members than ever before and start paying salaries next year. We’ve obtained the services of a wonderful grant writer and want to see teachers get paid for teaching classes. Since 1996, Tai Chi Youth has been a “volunteer organization” without paid staff. We are thankful for the thousands of hours donated by our students and volunteers.

2016 = 20th Anniversary of Tai Chi Youth.

Let’s make it the best year ever.

You can help by any of the following:
Join TCY as a MEMBER: $10 per year (impresses IRS)
Enroll in TCY classes: $75 per month (impress your friends)
Donate to TCY: $25 can make a big difference and help our expansion
Volunteer for TCY: We have two tournaments scheduled for 2016
Pass this Newsletter to: friends, family....
LIKE US on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taichiyouth

Thanks for your support!

Donate now in December to cover our internet and end of year expenses.


1. -- shaolinCOM.com NEWS --

Tai Chi Youth Seeks New Webmaster

Founder Richard Del Connor didn’t have a computer in 1996 when Tai Chi Youth was established. Richard developed his webmaster skills building and updating the Tai Chi Youth website: www.TaiChiYouth.org since 1999.

Although Tai Chi Youth has paid many of its internet expenses, Richard has rarely been paid as a webmaster and web designer. With websites needing to be phone friendly, Tai Chi Youth needs to completely overhaul our website accordingly. Since Richard Del Connor is retiring as webmaster, we need to hire someone to redesign our website and maintain it.

This position is a TCY Board of Trustees position: TCY Publisher

If you or someone you know is interested, call TCY Patriarch, Richard Del Connor, for an interview. Although Richard has donated the past 16 years as webdesigner volunteer, it appears this will have to be a paid staff position as we move into internet teaching and our new TCY Online School.

Contact Richard Del Connor at: richard@taichiyouth.org to apply for TCY Publisher position.


2. - - HOMEPAGE of Tai Chi Youth - -

Push Hands Seminar November 7, 2015

The Tai Chi Youth Push Hands SEMINAR was held November 7, 2015, 1pm at:
Shaolin American Self-Defense Academy
4723 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91602

Our original goal of a tournament was combined into a “Demo Tournament” in which we allowed all the attendees to contribute ideas and be more casual about the event. It was a lot of fun with some enjoyable storytelling.

This event crystallized our new tournament game plan:
1a. Start with Underbelt Push Hands
2. 1-Minute Tai Chi Form Competition
3. Tai Chi Self-Defense and Techniques
1b. Black Belt Push Hands Competition

2016 Tournament Schedule:
Saturday June 4: TCY Push Hands Seminar
Saturday June 11: TCY Push Hands Triple Event Tournament

Saturday September 3: TCY Push Hands Seminar
Saturday September 10: TCY Push Hands Triple Event Championship

The winners of the June 11, TCY Tournament will be “seeded” for the September 10, Championship.

“Seeded” means the first place winners do not have to compete until the NEW first winners of their division challenge them for their titles. (Makes it more exciting! Plus the champions get extra attention...)

For more information:


3. -- Secondary Website of TCY: www.shaolinRECORDS.com --

Fighting Music and Tai Chi/Meditation Music

We separated our Kung Fu music and our Tai Chi music at Shaolin Records.

Kung Fu music = “Fighting Music”

Tai Chi music = “Tai Chi and Meditation”

These webpages will be updated soon with ZOMBIE BATTLE MUSIC. Since August 2015, record producer Richard Del Connor has been producing “Zombie Heavy Metal” in Tacoma Studios of Shaolin Records. These instrumental songs have created an entirely new approach to Kung Fu inspirational music.

Take a peek at this new musical genre at Shaolin Records. Shaolin Records has a new zombie band starring the Kung Fu Cowboy plus three zombies. Kung Fu Cowboy & Zombie Three will be releasing their first album in February 2016.

Check out the music single, “Zombie Christmas (No Bones),” by Kung Fu Cowboy & Zombie Three.

SONG SINGLE: "Zombie Christmas (No Bones)"




All of the Shaolin Communications websites have undergone some evolutions from the first websites created by Richard Del Connor in 1999 when he obtained his first computer, an iMac Blueberry.

The Shaolin Chi Mantis website is the oldest survivor of these earliest websites. We’ve received hundreds of compliments and always appreciated its attempt to be earthy, traditional, Chinese, and Buddhist flavored.

When Shaolin Communications redesigns its 77 websites, this is one of the websites we are most reluctant to modernize or change.

Your opinions? Contact retiring webmaster: Richard Del Connor

Tell us your opinions: (Facebook page of Shaolin Chi Mantis)


5. - - TCY Video Productions - -

Tai Chi Youth Tai Chi Videos

We are still soliciting Foundations and Corporations to support our new TCY Online School. Our state senator and local congressman have appreciated the TCY Online School plan and are directing us toward government grants to get us started. This will take a while... In the meantime we need to find the location and at least establish our new Tai Chi Youth MAIN OFFICE.

Designed in 2011 with a business plan created with assistance from the SBA Small Business Administration, Tai Chi Youth has created a plan to be self-sustaining after only three years of online operation.

Help us create this internet school to provide Tai Chi Youth programs to elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

Buddha Zhen’s daughter graduated high School in 2010 using the Tai Chi Youth curriculum to satisfy her P.E. Physical Education requirements. The California Board of Education approved our curriculum as a complete workout program that exceeds all requirements in 2010. The Utah State Board of Education approved the Tai Chi Youth curriculum when Buddha Zhen began home schooling his daughter in 1998.

Donations to the TCY ONLINE SCHOOL are appreciated. After expenses, all our donations go towards this goal. You can specify that your donation be spent on the TCY Online School when donating.

Tai Chi Youth website:


6. - - BOOKS by Buddha Zhen - -

Tai Chi Beginner

Tai Chi Youth is still using the Tai Chi Beginner book in its new “Class Reading Manual” format.

Send us your raves for this book. We’ll include some of them in the 2nd Edition of the book.

During the past few years we have sold more copies of this book to Tai Chi students of other schools than our own students combined. This book has received wonderful praises.

Download now at:


7. - - MUSIC by Buddha Zhen - -

Buddha Z = Rap Artist

Yep. It started as a joke but came out really excellent. When people listen to this heavy metal rap music, they bob their heads and tap their feet. IT WORKS! Much to our own surprise.

So Buddha Z (Buddha Zhen) hired the new Shaolin Records band, Kung Fu Cowboy & Zombie Three to provide the backup music for a half dozen rap songs.

Watch for more information, but this project started with Buddha Z scolding rap artists to be smarter and ended up by the sixth song preaching the basics of Buddhism. This changed the entire album concept--after spending months creating a now unusable album concept.

BUDDHA ZHEN will remain the Chinese Folk Rock artist of Shaolin Records, providing music for Tai Chi, Meditation, and Kung Fu practicing.

BUDDHA Z will be Buddha Zhen as a heavy metal BUDDHIST RAP ARTIST. Buddha Z has been writing up material for the 2nd album. This first album will be called, 4 NOBLE TRUTHS OF BUDDHISM.

Buddha Z ALBUM at Shaolin Records:
http://to be constructed by next newsletter...

Tai Chi Magic ALBUM WEBSITE: (For Buddha Zhen Chinese Folk Rock)

Tai Chi Magic Album at Shaolin Records:

Tai Chi Magic ALBUM at Tai Chi Youth: (special “Demo Team Discount Price” $8.88)


8. -- Spiritual and Family Ideals of Tai Chi Youth --

Teaching Today’s Youth To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders™

Buddha Zhen’s book, MASONIC KUNG FU, is being stocked in libraries as a YOUNG ADULT adventure book. Starring a pair of young Chinese teenagers in 1937, this book portrays the bravery and Kung Fu that adults would be proud to possess.

Masonic Kung Fu book:


9. -- KUNG FU of Tai Chi Youth --

Join the TCY Tournament Committee

We’ve established the format, concept and tournament rules. Let’s make a great tournament event!

Meetings are held periodically on Thursday at 8pm. This schedule may change in 2016 depending upon availability preferences.

Call Richard Del Connor for more information: 818-723-2769


2016 Tournament Schedule:
Saturday June 4: TCY Push Hands Seminar
Saturday June 11: TCY Push Hands Triple Event Tournament

Saturday September 3: TCY Push Hands Seminar
Saturday September 10: TCY Push Hands Triple Event Championship


10. -- TAI CHI of Tai Chi Youth --

Join the TCY Advisory Committee

As Buddha Zhen, “Kung Fu Cowboy,” solicited all his martial arts friends to be on the TCY Board of Trustees, he discovered that many would like to help, but wanted a less demanding position.

TCY Advisory Committee has been designed to enable martial artists, educators, health professionals... to meet several times per year, with lots of food... to discuss and improve the Tai Chi Youth schools and programs.

Just show up a few times a year, socialize with fellow artists and professionals in a “think tank” atmosphere. We can all learn and improve together. Bring your wisdom and add Tai Chi Youth nonprofit to your resume.

Meetings will be scheduled to accommodate the schedules of as many participants as possible.

Contact TCY Patriarch for more information: Buddha Zhen (Richard Del Connor)

Tai Chi Youth Corporate Website Pages TABLE OF CONTENTS:

Tai Chi Youth Board of Trustees Homepage:


11. -- NEW PRODUCTS of shaolinCOM.com --

“Zombie Christmas (No Bones)”

“Zombie Christmas (No Bones)” is the first single song from Shaolin Records’ newest exclusive artist:

Kung Fu Cowboy & Zombie Three are the backup band for Buddha Z’s upcoming album, 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism.

SONG SINGLE: "Zombie Christmas (No Bones)"


12. -- NEWS from the TCY Patriarch, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang --

TCY Founder’s Day / Graduation Ceremony

Each year the TCY Founder’s Day and TCY Graduation Ceremonies are held on the first or second Saturday of February to be closest to the actual birthday of TCY Founder, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang (Richard Del Connor).

February 6, 2016: TCY Founder’s Day / Graduation Ceremony

Tai Chi Youth, Buddha Kung Fu, and Shaolin Chi Mantis combine their graduation ceremonies each year into three separate events in February, May, and November. This gives students the opportunity to graduate and receive up to three belt rank advancements per year in each school. Some students are members of more than one school and receive more than one new belt rank at each event.

This next “Founder’s Day” will be special to Buddha Zhen as he turns 62. He’ll be a real senior.

A fellow Shaolin Kung Fu artist referred to Buddha Zhen as a, “grandmaster.” BZ refuted this statement, although the other artist stated, “But you’ve been teaching since 1984.”

Buddha Zhen replied, “I will be a grandmaster when I’ve created another Shaolin Black Belt Master.” The young artist who had only been teaching the past decade stated, “I’ve created four black belts already.”



TCY New President: Oscar Barrera

Tai Chi Youth interviewed almost 80 candidates for the TCY Board of Trustees.

66 applicants were found at www.Indeed.com This website specializes in nonprofit job listings.

Wow! Tai Chi Youth missed the bus? Half the applicants make more than $66,000 per year. Most of the applicants for our Executive Director are making more than $110,000 per year building slides for recreation centers, and providing after-school workshops.

Tai Chi Youth has been doing much more than that, saving lives, improving neighborhoods... and no one has ever been paid. 2016 is when Tai Chi Youth joins the rest of America’s nonprofits with paid staff and--the same incredible programs we’ve always provided.

What was especially disappointing was that not one of these salaried nonprofit personnel would even volunteer for our tournament fundraiser. They only want a paycheck. When asked who they volunteer for, the replies were consistent: “I don’t volunteer, I work for a salary.” Also startling was that not one of these 66 applicants from Indeed.com would work for less that a starting wage of $45,000 plus benefits. And they claimed this was a price cut from their current or previous nonprofit jobs.

Then TCY Patriarch signed up Oscar Barrera for classes. Oscar was so enthused and appreciative of the Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu of Tai Chi Youth he excitedly submitted his resume and job application for TCY President. He is a perfect example of why all our TCY Board of Trustees must actually participate in our Tai Chi Youth classes. His health his improved measurably in just one semester, and he excitedly tells his friends and family of how, “Tai Chi Youth has improved my life...”

Oscar Barrera is the new TCY President. Thank you Oscar for your many volunteer hours already. Oscar was instrumental in the first TCY Triple Event Tournament.

Tai Chi Youth Corporate Website Pages TABLE OF CONTENTS:

Tai Chi Youth Board of Trustees Homepage:


14. -- TCY Demo Team NEWS --

TCY Demo Team in Movie?

As Shaolin Pictures plans to shoot the feature film, KUNG FU COWBOY: MEET THE ZOMBIES, some of our old alumni of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Buddha Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Youth are popping up to help.

One of the directors bidding to direct this movie stated, “I prefer using real actors and teaching them the martial arts moves.”

But this may be unrealistic. No one has ever graduated our Shaolin Staff Class in less than two years... Our standards and style of Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi require many martial artists to become very frustrated at the precision and fluid body movements they have never trained in.

Be a star! Shaolin Pictures is encouraging all our students to audition for parts in the upcoming movie.

Kung Fu Cowboy: Meet The Zombies website page


Keep wanting to learn,

Richard Del Connor
pka: Zhen Shen-Lang “Buddha Zhen” (Spirit Wolf of Truth) aka: “Kung Fu Cowboy”
TCY Patriarch

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